A Troubled Mind Poem by Tia Maria

A Troubled Mind

Rating: 4.7

A troubled heart, a troubled mind
that never meant to be unkind.
No way to undo what's been done
Nowhere to hide nowhere to run

Only time can heal the pain
but til such time hurts remain
No use in even saying sorry
No way to escape the worry

Still trying to apologise
as inner joy slowly dies
It's hard to try & carry on
When right goes all wrong

Kris Smith 22 September 2008

That was such an honest poem, one can learn lessons from it 10x10 Chris

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Red Blooded Black Hearted 22 September 2008

Here, here. Love this poem, it's easy for me to relate to.

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 22 September 2008

Wise words Tia Maria... Andy 10

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Ency Bearis 02 October 2008

words of wisdom..well written/rhymes.. Ency Bearis

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Tom Balch 02 October 2008

Be not troubled, look for the good, regards Tom

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Duh Huh 17 April 2009

Wow, keep telling it like it is with your wisdom and talent. There is always something new for me to ponder when i come read a poem. Your poems are so real. Thank you for sharing :)

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Min Sia 09 November 2008

Very well defined! ! After sin comes the endless guilt.

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Chitra - 17 October 2008

useful lessons embedded in these pearls of wisdom

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Tj Becker 16 October 2008

Well said, it seems even after our apologies are accepted, the wrong eats at us. Our guilt fairy; -)

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Dwayne Bailey 05 October 2008

The past is gone and can not be changed, but you can learn to forgive yourself which is the greatest forgiveness on can give. A beautiful write one in which I can feel your pain.

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