A Stranger In The Mirror Poem by Tia Maria

A Stranger In The Mirror

Rating: 4.8

Who are you & where did I go
Where is the girl I used to know
Who is this woman staring back at me
Who are you, where could I be

What happened to that girl
with the big brown eyes
Now all that I can see
Is sadness & lines

I am done with all this
No more pain & sorrow
Just walk away, say goodbye
Please don't come back tomorrow

Tanya Stanford 28 August 2008

I look at the mirror the same way. You just put it better then I ever could have. Lovely composition Tia

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Junior Pocoloco 28 August 2008

Your poem remindid me of my Grandmother telling me that she felt like she was still a kid and always wondered who that old lady looking back at her was. Nice poem.

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Tj Becker 19 September 2008

haha I think my mom just uttered the same words not just yesterday. Wonderful flow and rhyme. Your poems are great. I'm glad I have the opportunity to read them.

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Michael Shepherd 01 November 2008

God, inventing mirrors, said, they won't like what they see... they'll only find the truth within - their truth so dear to Me..

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Min Sia 09 November 2008

Reflection tells nothing but truth..yet it is us who denies. This poem flows clearly. A 10! !

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venom 13 January 2020

it is so good, it even soothes my soul

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Min sia 05 January 2018

Good it isvery good

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Rakesh Bedi 15 October 2009

unacceptibility of the poet of the Present is quite evident in this poem..... the best thing i liked is the poet's desire to be young ever......thanks, dear....

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Allan Macli Borges 13 June 2009

excepcional writing... a lifetime is too short to spend in vain, so when you live to write such beautiful pieces you do have nothing to regret, i sure.

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Ian Bowen 06 March 2009

Tia, please believe that there are men out there that love mature women. Lines on ones face are maps of experience. Be proud of the life you have lived, and make the best of what remains. I love you anyway. Ian

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