A True Love Confession Poem by Tia Maria

A True Love Confession

Rating: 4.9

Good heaven's above
you ask could it be love
Darn right you are
and from so afar
Tis like manna from heaven
and I do confess
A limited edition
brings me this bliss
Cadbury's still can out do
with coconut & cashews too
A birthday treat from above
Chocolate is my one true love

Andrew mark Wilkinson 03 October 2008


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Tom Balch 03 October 2008

True love, chocolate, sounds normal to me.10 Bar from me Tom

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Tai Chi Italy 04 October 2008

lol Tia, I must confess I don't like chocolate much at all, apart from the melting sort, you know! the sort you lick off slowly! lol Great little ditty here and happy belated birthday. Smiling at you, Tai

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Vidyadhar Durgekar 10 October 2008

Love is a bliss........why confess in love

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Ershad Mazumder 13 October 2008

Heavens are in your soul. Live in your soul, not in body. You will be in heaven. Thanks dear Tia

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Edward Kofi Louis 07 December 2015

True love! And i do confess. Nice work.

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Rachel Butler 21 September 2009

Tis like manna from heaven and I do confess Rachel Ann Butler

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Carl Harris 24 March 2009

Ahh, you ladies and your chocolates, Tia! Haven't met one yet who didn't love chocolate more than just about anything else in the world! I liked your fine poem, just enough misdirection in it (what I like to call poetic sleight of hand) to trick the reader until it's charming end. That's another thing ladies like to do, tease men because we're so gullible! Anyway, it's an excellent brief poem, and was a delight to read. Carl.

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Anjali Sinha 01 November 2008

hey you fooled me till the end! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! coz chocolate is thy true love confession- nice write regards anju

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C. P. Sharma 31 October 2008

Good sense of humour. What flavour is your chocolate? I would also love to have your flavour, lol.

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