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A Father's Love

Rating: 5.0

The love that I see in your father’s eyes
The smile on his face as he talks with you
How the sound of your voice lights up his life
Every time he is on the phone with you
Never doubt this special love he has
I see a father who adores his daughter
It’s a very special kind of bond you share
And you are a very special daughter

Bob Blackwell 30 November 2008

Very well observed and expressed, we cannot hide our love and shoud'nt. Bob

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Thad Wilk 29 November 2008

A splendid message that you convey, a fathers love never fades away, this bond of love - is there to stay ! *10*! ! Best wishes Tia! ! Friend Thad

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Meggie Gultiano 27 November 2008

a nice tribute to a father.Thanks for sharing

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 24 November 2008

This is a nice poem Tia... Andy 10

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Kris Smith 24 November 2008

Ditto Tom on that one Chris 10 ++

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Tj Becker 08 December 2008

I've never had the father daughter bond haha but I can imagine it from you poem. loved it

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Mamta Agarwal 08 December 2008

Father and daughters have a special bond.10 brought out in these poetic lines Mamta

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Dr.subhendu Kar 05 December 2008

Oh that is the divine love, yet inseperable! and the poem is surchaged withn emotion, wonderful write...10+, thanks for sharing

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Sebastine Humaemo 04 December 2008

lovely poem....words with full of meaning and love...simply great....

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Rani Turton 01 December 2008

Very lovely poem on this special relationship, Tia. Thanks.

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