A Woman's Touch Poem by Ruby Honeytip

A Woman's Touch

Rating: 5.0

You say my name.
Your deep voice slides through me,
And lands in my swollen depths.
You mean something to me.
My yearning for your love,
Opens a warm universe in me,
A testimony to the depth of my feeling for you.
I would enfold every part of you in my healing warmth,
I would make you see the other side,
Of all you have known.
And the light of loves understanding,
Would shine from you.
You would emerge from inside me,
A new man.
Strong, impervious to all,
But this woman's touch.

Ruby Honeytip
© 2013

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Khairul Ahsan 07 July 2013

oooooh, what a nice poem to read! Much similar to my poem 'A Gentle Touch'. My yearning for your love, Forms into nectarous droplets, A testimony to the depth of my feeling for you. Yes, I can understand that quite well.

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Don Nguyen 30 June 2013

Free style, like mine. I love your poems like fresh air I agree with your thoughts on women Who can bring out the best of men And also the worst of men I can be demon and saint at the same time. They are precious creatures! Keep up the good works! Thanks

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Ruby Honeytip 29 June 2013

Nawwww....thanks WU: ^) You are always so kind to me and I really appreciate it. I have written a few that rhyme...but mostly what pours out of me doesn't seem to want to behave lol. I'll see if I can write one that follows a few poetry rules soon....love Roobs xxxxxx

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..... W@king Up..... 29 June 2013

Idk what it is about your poems, Ruby... You're just amazing! To me it doesn't matter whether your poems rhyme or not because they are all awesome :) good one, Roobs. -Wu

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