Addicted To Stevie Taite Poem by Ruby Honeytip

Addicted To Stevie Taite

Rating: 5.0

I'm late!
I'm late!
For a very important date!
I planned on sitting home all night
Reading Stevie Taite.

Her wit and whim are priceless,
A smile in every poem,
My friends were shocked, all wondering why,
I suddenly wanted to stay home.

But the problem is now fixed,
I read and am now never alone
I can take PH outside with me
Because now I have a Smartphone

© 2012

Everyone knows I sit up reading Midnights Voice....and now they know about Stevie too!
Stevie Taite 24 November 2012

Hahahahahahahaha! Omgosh thank you! Imagine popping over to your page for the first time and finding this! I have the biggest smile, yes my ears sit further back now because of it! X x x

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Ruby Honeytip 24 November 2012

A little call out for Red and Maggie will probably follow if I know me: ^)

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Jahan Zeb 24 November 2012

Very nice poem for a nice person. I loved the humor in the end. You can take the poemhunter with you. lovely. Nice Work

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Bri Edwards 11 July 2013

i've read some of stevie but no taite of late. maybe i should visit her again or later. the only thing i would change is taking the a out of the last line (and i don't mean the a in smartphone or in because OR in have) . no smartphone do i have. my phone's as dumb and i. i don't get to read PH much, and that's the reason why. thanks for sharing. bri

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Karen Sinclair 16 April 2013

Hahaha quick whitted and sharp as a pin. I love humour writes too tyvm karen

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Lyn Paul 06 December 2012

How beautiful..... What a lovely grin Stevie must have had for days. This she will cherish. Well done.

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Alla Simone 03 December 2012

haha...clever and amusing. And true! Stevie is a wonderful writer. Thanks for sharing.

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Maggie Munro 24 November 2012

Very nice, my lovely nomophobe. Can never have too much of a good thing. Where are you, Red?

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