Amazing Disgrace Poem by Ruby Honeytip

Amazing Disgrace

Rating: 4.9

You hurt me,
Scared me,
Bruised me,
Tried to extinguish me
And almost broke me.
Today, finally you are dead
And I feel that I have won
A brutal fight
Through natural order.
I refuse to be anything
Except free from you
And what you have done.
I will live my life
And breathe from this new dawn.

© 2012

Red O'mara 19 November 2012

A beautifully strong declaration of independence.

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Lyn Paul 20 November 2012

Love your strength in this poem. What a title you have chosen. Thanks for sharing your amazing work

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Valerie Dohren 21 November 2012

A positive attitude very well expressed - we should never be subdued by those who have treated us badly. Good one Ruby.

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Dave Walker 21 November 2012

A very powerful poem, sometimes the bad have to die so the good can live. A really good write.

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Maggie Munro 22 November 2012

Natural order resolves many troubles. All, ultimately. A very fine and potent write.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 17 July 2018

A poem with positive attitudes have been impressively delineated. We shouldn't be underbrought by them who have treated us rudely. here I want to quote..... You hurt me, Scared me, Bruised me, /....And I feel that I have won A brutal fight Nice presentation.10

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Terry O'leary 29 September 2015

A tortured path endured, subdued and vanquished!

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Sandy Player 02 January 2013

The titles my favourite part. Theres nothing wrong with the poem saying that

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Owain Glyn 29 December 2012

Your work is totally free of conceit, that gives it true quality.

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Amanda Laurent 11 December 2012

This poem is incredible! The title itself was capturing and the message, truly powerful. Loved it!

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