A Woman Of Substance Poem by Ruby Honeytip

A Woman Of Substance

Rating: 4.6

Woman of Substance.
She is not flesh and bones
Of insignificance.
She is intelligent substance,
And decency of character.
She is womanly flesh
Of hand felt proportions.
She knows her way,
And will hold your hand
Until you safely find yours.
There is no judgement in her compassion,
Although, there is laughter in her eyes.
And temptation in her walk.
Faith and love are the warmth
In her nature.
There is a nurturing heart
Beating under the fullness of her breast.
She will quietly hold
Her birthright of self respect
And will not allow you
To deny your own.
Your upsets are shared
And your tears blinked
From her eyes.
With this woman of substance
You will never walk alone.
Why would you ever let her go?
© 2012
by Ruby Honeytip

Thursday, November 15, 2012
Topic(s) of this poem: feminism,woman
Ruby Honeytip 15 November 2012

You are all so supportive Great Balls of Fire could be my follow up poem to this actually hahaha

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Red O'mara 16 November 2012

Never was worried about the respect, Ruby, but do think, very funny lady, that you should vow rather than swear.

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Maggie Munro 15 November 2012

You ledge, Ruby! Don't stop, I like it! : P

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Red O'mara 16 November 2012

The..wiggle when a walkin' an' a giggle when a talkin..' is from Chantilly Lace by The Big Bopper who died in the same plane as Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens. Fun song.

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Dee Corpolongo 21 November 2012

oh, I loved this and laughed! It made me smile then couldn't hold it in any longer....! Really great and oh so funny! Excellent job here!

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Chinedu Dike 22 November 2019

A beautiful tribute to womanhood, well conceived and nicely crafted in persuasive expressions with conviction. Thanks for sharing,

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Kumarmani Mahakul 17 July 2018

A woman is an intelligent substance. She is decency of character. She knows her way. She has compassion, love and faith. She has a nurturing heart.. She is the embodiment of tolerance. Really a woman is a woman of substance. Great write.Beautiful poem presented incisively. Thank you dear madam for sharing this gem.10

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Poet gulzar hussain ranjoor 22 January 2018

I like to you n your view

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Hannington Mumo 02 December 2015

This is a truly expertly woven piece of artistic expression. It left me sensuous!

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 27 November 2014

beauty of the art ==Did somebody say 'Breast'? Holy Bazoongas! ! ! nice poem

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