The Mainstream Is Polluted Poem by Ruby Honeytip

The Mainstream Is Polluted

Rating: 4.9

'Hey, over here! '
Said the road less followed
'Here is the antidote,
For the lies you have swallowed.
It's not your fault,
Your instincts were diluted,
You were thinking from the Mainstream,
Which is deeply polluted.
The lies in this stream,
Will not keep you afloat,
Heavy untruths have been jammed
Down your throat.
Banksters, Media Hounds, Pharmaceutical lice
All swimming in lies
Screaming 'take my advice'
Backpaddle and see it,
For all that it's not,
This poison will blind you,
Free thoughts left to rot.
Turn off your tv,
Pull out the plug,
Stop reading the news,
Stop taking their drugs.
Pick up your book,
And rest your back on a tree
The world wide webs in nature
Will return you to simplicity'
A smart little cookie
Was this road travelled not,
A timely reminder
Of what logic forgot.

© 2012

Lyn Paul 27 December 2012

This is brilliant Ruby and should be front page in the Newspapers. Newsflash, warning warning The Mainstream is Polluted. the attention would be HUGE. Super!

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Paul Brookes 27 December 2012

Well written 10/10.......................................................: O)

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Heather Wilson 27 December 2012

Oh, this just blows me away, , you have made these words sing with truth.- A timely reminder of what logic forgot. (Now where`s a book?) .

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Red O'mara 27 December 2012

Great work, Ruby. If only the rest of the world would take some notice.

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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 27 December 2012

when we are living in the border less world, we get so much information through these modern gadgets. without these, we may be less informed. we can watch the news and other informative channels once in a while. We are no more living in the previous century to rely on books only! I agree with one of your points that we have to go closer to the nature!

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Joseph Anderson 14 January 2013

The road less traveled made all the difference, said Frost and Ruby-so right! . A straight forward, hard hitting and truthful write, right on target

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Hans Vr 10 January 2013

Beautiful poem, Ruby. Fully backing your call to throw the tv out of the window. We do not have to swallow the lies any longer. Let us start a kindness revolution here and now and enjoy the simple life you so wonderfully depict in this poem Excellent work here

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C N Prem Kumar 09 January 2013

Very modern and true poem. The rhyme is very energetic. Beautiful.

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Kevin Patrick 07 January 2013

Its a drug I find dangerously overabundant and insanely overbearing, the mainstream is polluted and overpopulated with people allergic to common sense, bang on Ruby comedy and social commentary in equal measure a fun read, and a bril write.

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Saadat Tahir 04 January 2013

Read and liked the rather cryptic write, cryptic because of the comments I read… Most readers have found in it nature…. Unh unh… :) Its more then meets the casual eye. I see in it………..some serious counsel and course correction advice…put very well indeed. Bravo!

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