Shadow Poem by Ruby Honeytip


Rating: 5.0

The wind blowing through your hair,
Hits my face from the same direction.
I brush the hair out of my eyes
So I can keep them on you.
You're so beautiful to me.
I can see your lips moving,
But I can't make out what you are singing.
Do you know your nose twitches before you giggle?
I could look at you all day!
I am stunned….
Mesmerised by you.
The sun is slowly collapsing over the horizon,
The bare trees cast long shadows like tall men,
A chill passes through me,
And you pull your cardigan closed to stay warm.
It's time to go home.
We keep walking through the end of today,
Past the pools of yesterdays swim,
Past the grocery store where you bought movie snacks,
And I watched silently.
You stop to pick a plum from the tree of old Mrs Beckett.
Your nose wrinkles, and you giggle with your first bite
You are a delight.
I notice my step has matched yours…
Left after right, in time with my heart.
There it is…..home.
You take your key from your pocket,
And I watch as you let yourself inside.

I turn and walk away.

You have taken another long romantic walk,
That only one of us knows about.

See you tomorrow.

© 2012

The thin line between curiousity and stalking lol.
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Prasanna Kumari 29 November 2012

it was a delight to walk with your words in perfect joy..

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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 30 November 2012

stalking of a shadow human is quite refreshing!

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Ray Quesada 30 November 2012

this was a pleasure to read, Ruby! i loved the twist ending :)

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Maggie Munro 30 November 2012

Memories of teen crush, right down to the pounding heart. Love it: ]

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Lyn Paul 01 December 2012

Great work again Ruby. One amazing shadow.

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Quite romantic. Delightful narrative. Enjoyed

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Kevin Patrick 12 December 2012

I chuckled quite a bit when I got to the last few lines. This was a lovely descriptive read, I could almost picture myself in your shoes being there. Let's not call this stalking just a muse of inspiration. A lovely read

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Dave Walker 10 December 2012

A fantastic poem, like it.

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Kanav Justa 06 December 2012

stevie freind is talented indeed, , , ,

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Unwritten Soul 04 December 2012

You have heart to live in your like your mind bring the words breathing alive maybe hahaha_Soul

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