A Date Night Poem by Ruby Honeytip

A Date Night

Rating: 4.7

She looks beautiful for their movie date
Flushed, she is running a little late.
Excited to see his beautiful face,
She sees him there and they embrace.
His touch ignites her hidden passion
And she steps back with meek discretion.
She is embarrassed by public displays,
So she hurries inside without delay.
The lights inside slowly dim,
In the dark she catches a little glimpse!
A hand is sneaking on her shoulder
Across her back, moving to hold her.
What's this? !
He doesn't stop it there!
Now his hands are everywhere!
One is running up her thigh,
All she gives is a tiny sigh.
Her defenses drop as he moves his hand higher.
Now her body is on fire!
The crowd around them are all laughing
At something funny on screen said in passing.
She hardly knows, or even hears them
As his hand finds her breasts and suddenly clears them.
Released from her bra, he goes berserk,
His fingers really go to work!
She feels a delightful, liquid ripple,
As his fingers quite roughly, tug at her nipple.
She really tries to silence her breathing.
Her face is red, her mind is reeling!
Then she feels a delicious hum
Oh my!
She's just about to…..
The crowd starts clapping, there's music, there's light!
It gives her a start and a great big fright.
He starts to laugh as she gains composure
He quickly reclips and hurries to clothe her.
Before anybody would ever guess
What just happened under her dress.
Red faced she scrambles from the theatre
Followed closely by her sexy conspirator
Suddenly there is an urgent race
To find a way back to their place.
He's glad he gets to share his life
With this girl he long ago made his wife.

© 2012

Sometimes people stay happily and monogamously married...don't they?
Alistair Plint 03 November 2012

Hello Ruby, I really enjoyed your lovely piece, it was a lovely ditty, The fun rhyme scheme here ads to the fun the narrator and conspirator are enjoying, and I found it to be refreshing clean fun. The world needs more like that. I wondered if it wouldn't bennefit the reader if you didn't start each line with a cap, but rather each sentence or new idea. might add to the rhythm and flow. That said I really did enjoy this lovely piece. Kudos. Al.

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Red O'mara 02 November 2012

Sometimes. But this is indecently more than just happily. Should they be having so much fun?

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Ruby Honeytip 02 November 2012

We'll see how long we last here Red.....no rude words tho! Lol: -)

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Ruby Honeytip 02 November 2012

As opposed to all my other poems Thomas: ^P

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Lyn Paul 06 November 2012

This is excellent Ruby and to find they are married as well... incredible. Well done.

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Jasbir Chatterjee 24 September 2013

You write beautifully, Ruby, with a wonderful sensitivity and this poem written any other way could have easily sounded vulgar... but it doesn't...reminds me of my own youthful days...

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Owain Glyn 29 December 2012

You didn't mention what the film was! ! !

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Stevie Taite 24 November 2012

Brilliant! Right husband.... We are off to the cinema...... Tonight! ! ! ! !

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Stevie Taite 24 November 2012

Brilliant! Right husband.... We are off to the cinema...... Tonight! ! ! ! !

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Stevie Taite 24 November 2012

Brilliant! Right husband.... We are off to the cinema...... Tonight! ! ! ! !

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