(aaa) Youthfulness - A Passing Scene Poem by Edwin Alba Empestan

(aaa) Youthfulness - A Passing Scene

An age like dawn for all of us when we are all infants in a rock
Nothing to worry as helpless babes while the ticking of the clock
Nothing much to remember in our memory of early age
But only sweet voices of our protector nurturing us as our sage

Next we learn to walk aimlessly and talk some words so vague
Both nurturers so delightful, that their joys was a plague
So bliss for their bundle of joy, hopes in mind like a full moon
Now the dawn has passed and it’s now a high noon

Mollycoddle like is now a youth full of life, vigor, and vim
Rampaging hormones of a younker so wild, restless but prim
Now it is a high noon and a rover takes a bride
With so much passion and love a baby is born with pride

Now came the twilight when everything turns slow
Got pains, nausea, indigestion, hypertension and gout
Forgetfulness, a cane in the hands and worse Alzheimer’s disease
Now you glean back, ask: youth where are you? Make me at peace

Now the final time comes when grey-headed, venerable one wonder
Recall, and utter words I was young once and roar like thunder
But now I am a ruined naked, useless, decrepit and worn out
Where do I go now? Nowhere but to wait till I am out in a route

Reshma Ramesh 25 September 2008

sighhhhhhhhhh thought provoking....i dont want to grow old

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Manonton Dalan 25 September 2008

do as much as you can. very nice poem. thanks.md

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T. Alfred Norman 22 August 2008

Deep thoughts, getting older, life's great question....Where do I go now? The meter and rhyme flow nicely.

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