(aap) Mother Poem by Edwin Alba Empestan

(aap) Mother

Rating: 4.8

We've been together since my birth
Never a moment that I miss you in my sight
Your voice is my comfort
Your touch is my security

You are my mentor, my inspiration
You are the light that beacons our home
A very strong but gentle woman
A woman for everything in the family

But times passes by so quickly
Part our ways to have my own
Priorities now got its way
With changing needs and wants

That own country so corrupt cannot give
We bid goodbye part our ways
Toiling in a far away land of milk and honey
Then one day my fear becomes a reality

That the parting becomes forever
Tears are only I can give for I cannot be with you
Mother, I will miss you forever but till then.

Edwin Alba Empestan
Copyright ©2007 Edwin Alba Empestan

Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 24 March 2008

mother is everything...........i missed mom so much..........she's in heaven.........

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Analou Pabalate 03 October 2007

nothing can replace the love of a mother..........nothing compares........no one can reach the deepness love of mother........great.tnxs.

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Colin J... 29 September 2007

Until you meet again, hold her in your heart... Beautiful, Colin J...

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