Abstract Vs Concrete Poem by Nosheen Irfan

Abstract Vs Concrete

Rating: 5.0

The impalpable passing of time
The intangible sailing of life
Make you realize you live
in abstractions
Although surrounded by the concrete
And you understand
That concrete might be visible
But it's the abstract that touches
You more deeply
That strikes you harder.

Rose Marie Juan-austin 19 September 2022

Wonderful and perceptive thoughts to ponder about. A poem of great insight! The last three lines are so true.. Top Marks as always.

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Richard Wlodarski 20 September 2022

Philosophy expressed in brilliant creative form. Love the poem, Nosheen!

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UNNIKRISHNAN Sivasankara Menon 20 September 2022

The intrigues of life and the enigma that is time are very interestingly captured in the poem. As the ultimate Indian philosophy states, "what you see is not what exists. And what really exists, you would not see at all"… good poem, Nosheen

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Anjandev Roy 20 September 2022

That strikes you harder.....significant....

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 20 September 2022

I totally agree with Kevin You put it dead on

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Kevin Patrick 19 September 2022

Beautiful work! A wonderful contemplation of existence. Top marks!

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Nosheen Irfan

Nosheen Irfan

Lahore, Pakistan
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