<≪≪.... Ace God Is Our Religion- Ii....≫≫≫ Poem by Akanksha Bhatt

<≪≪.... Ace God Is Our Religion- Ii....≫≫≫

Rating: 3.9

Simply beautiful, all these things You've made,
Warmth of the sun along with cool of the shade,
Whom to give legs to walk, whom to give wings,
Yes! You are Lord of Lords and King of Kings,

So veracious the 1st professional artist & painter,
Before You there was none, our original Creator,
Every ocean awaits for the mighty rivers to flow,
Rain from heaven shall make all plant life grow.

So many colors are the animals, birds and trees,
Especially the VIBGYOR's, the autumn leaves,
That mighty prowess available only from Thee,
Magic, no, miraculous so why don't all believe?

Why are so many forgetting what You've done?
Exactly how is it we are too busy to see the sun?
Darkness, engage in wickedness under the moon,
Yet knowing the destruction of evil will end soon.

Slowly in time You'll begin to rustle up the cattle,
Armageddon! It's good verses evil the final battle,
Religions are different as many numbers colossal,
One God, however, some preaching is still hostile.

Farther in distance, further in understanding, why?
As wrath kindles a flame in which multitudes cry,
Does it not matter all of us are brothers by blood?
All perished except Noah's family after the flood,

In the end might the Joker be higher than the Ace?
And truly both entity's arose from the same place,
One had to create the other, what is your decision?
Doomsday of the funny one? God is my Religion.

this the new version of poem <<<....Ace God Is Our Religion....>>>. It is modified by 'Mr. Luke Easter'. I am very thankful to him as he had made my poem better. Thank you! hope my readers will like it! :)


Luke Easter
and Akanksha Bhatt
Dr Library @ Debadarshi 04 November 2012

SPLENDID! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! It echoes like the pristine voice (This poem in its own way different, uniquely reflecting the ideas) left behind by the great legacy of GEORGE HARBERT, who have coalesced beautifully the spiritual & metaphysical thoughts in his poetry... Great write

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Akanksha Bhatt 22 October 2012

Thank you so much Mr. Luke Easter.

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Dave Walker 23 October 2012

A fantastic poem, it's good to have faith.

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Yash Shinde 23 October 2012

fantastic poem.......strenghthens my faith and devotion in god lovely work by both of you

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Hazel Durham 23 October 2012

Wow! This poem takes my breath away, with a great message, superb write!

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Patricia Grantham 09 April 2014

You definitely Aced this very beautiful write. Our Creator God is gloriously depicted in your write. Very creative in words and details. Magnificent and I really enjoyed it! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Shraddha The Poetess 07 September 2013

vryyyyyyyyy nice.......dear...beautifully written with a beautiful thought......keep it up dear...............

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Kevin Patrick 09 November 2012

Powerful, every word is painted with delicate candor, amazing use of metaphors to expand the text. A lovely write to the great creator. A lovely read

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Indrajeet Mishra 07 November 2012

fabolous beautifuly designed and it seems passion in your wriiting and thoughts are very nice and clear

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Indrajeet Mishra 07 November 2012

fabolous beautifuly designed and it seems passion in your wriiting and thoughts are very nice and clear

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