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We were loves young dream such a long time ago,
A pretty young girl and her handsome beau.
Just out of our teens and our lives all before us,
Not a care in the world and so deeply in love.

Neither one knowing what paths would we take,
Neither one knowing the mistakes we would make.
Then it all fell apart and we went separate ways,
We made our mistakes, paid the price that you pay.

But that pretty young girl never quite left my mind,
She was deep in my soul and would come to my dreams.
Then 30 years on and we met once again,
We talked as before, like we’d never been gone.

Yes your face has changed, we are both older now,
But the girl I once loved had not changed at all.
The woman before me, was that pretty young girl,
With the twinkling eyes and gentle smile.

We hugged like old friends, and kissed cheek to cheek,
The years all rolled back, I could hardly speak.
I wanted to put my head on your shoulder,
Lose the pain that sometimes still smoulders.

I wanted so much to take you and hold you,
To kiss and caress you and gently enfold you.
As we said our goodbyes we both glanced around,
Our eyes met again like they had years before.

Whatever it was that once captured my heart,
Was woken again by just one stolen glance.
That pretty young girl who once cast her spell,
Bewitched me again full 30 years on.

Marci Made 10 June 2007

It is nice to read this and see that some love really does last forever even though perhaps the two are no longer together..........marci.m. :)

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Janice M Pickett 17 October 2007

I found this one interesting. More like a story than a poem. What I want to know is did you get back together? and if so did it work out? Tell me tell me I am so nosey. HUGS

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Ana Monnar 26 August 2007

How romantic! This was a happily ever after...

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Princess Me 03 August 2007

This goes to show the impact that some loved ones have in our lives....still years later...some people we can't forget and hold dear to our hearts. Though we may take different paths...there's always something that brings us back together...and then we wonder...what if? Beautiful poem. Princess

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David Harris 27 July 2007

David, bewitching is right, what a wonderful poem that cast a real spell. Some old loves hold a special place in our hearts always. I have one like that who crops up in my poems from time to time.. Beautiful poem. Top marks and thanks for sharing it my friend. David

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Anne K 01 July 2007

The longing that is so beautifully expressed in your poem is amazing! I like it...~Anne

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