Alone, How Long I Can Go? Poem by Thomas Viruvelil

Alone, How Long I Can Go?

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Alone, how long I can go?
Do I need to hear your voice near me?
Do I need to feel your sweating hand inside my hand,
Making me feel you are with me.
Do I need to look at your clear sparkling eyes
Just to feel thrill of my heart
when it notices that widening of your eyes
when you look at me
as if seeing the most beautiful
being of this world.

Alone, how long I can go?
without feeling your smell close to me
without feeling your warm body near me
without feeling a part of me walking by my side
with my own legs
with my own hands
with my own mind
with my own dreams.

Alone, how long I can go?
without you calling the naughtiest of names
without you getting worried about
even sweat on my forehead
without you planning
our days coming
without you pushing me to move on
without you pushing me to face
whatever may come on our way

Then you told me
I was with you even before you
came to earth
and even when you go from earth
I will be with you
we travel
to eternity
Our road never ends.
Our legs never get tired
We laugh, hug and walk
hand in hand
to the never reaching
end of the world.

Anna jonson 14 September 2008

waaaw what a poem.... i wish that it was mine

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Sweet Seven 12 January 2006

wish this was dedicated to me.. you sound so inlove in here thomas =) keep on writing piece like this, ok?

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Ivy Christou 30 September 2005

aww.. such a sweet love poem.. loved the ending! HBH

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Thomas Viruvelil

Thomas Viruvelil

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