An Appeal to Super Powers. Poem by Nabakishore Dash

An Appeal to Super Powers.

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Possession of strong economy,
sophisticated weaponry have
endowed you the ability
to bring about apocalypse.
Simultaneously you can be
harbingers of amiable
Understanding, fraternity
and peace.

You are using the brawns and
brains of the scientists, their
most valuable time and a
lion's share of your economy
to manufacture, stockpile
weapons of mass destruction.
Nuclear, chemical, biological
warfares amassed in world today
can cause massive multifold

Inhumane killing of innocent
lives, destruction of Mother
Nature are the outcomes
of war.
The super powers are immensely
proud and a sense of competition exists between them to topple
each other in their
expertise to slaughter.

This misuse of human and
economic resources is not judicious and beneficial for
all creatures in the earth.
Can the super powers exhibit
their hegemony by resolving
the differences in love
and peaceful path?

Winning the hearts is much
nobler than winning the wars
that breed further violence
and hatred.
Your name and fame would
be memorable if you follow
the road more blissful, sacred.

Billions of hearts, with tons
of agony, appeal you to abandon
enmity and the annihilating war.
Come to a consensus for
disarmament, no war, no
terrorism to spare our
mother earth from the
imminent, cataclysmic danger.

I am reminded of the address
by the honorable former
President of USA John Kennedy
'Mankind must put an end to
war or war will put an end
to mankind'.
This is practicable, not by travesty,
but by honesty and humble mind.

Peace and honesty win people more than any other means.

I concur with your analytical mind and your great insights. A great wake up call to each and everyone. So very true: Mankind must put an end to war or war will put an end to Mankind '.

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Nabakishore Dash 23 May 2023

My humble respect to u from the deepest corner of my heart MAM Rose.

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Nabakishore Dash 04 August 2021

In super, supe and r are separated, combine line 9 to near line 10

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