An Old Flame Poem by Delicate Heart

An Old Flame

Rating: 3.1

Do you think of me like me?
I try, but I always have to fly.
To your sky
and a whisper of your cry.
Please help me to go away.
And go back to my usual way.
Or do anything for my wait.
For those days that we stayed.
In few days.
me and you in a solitude.
But doing nothing viewed.
Do anything for me.
But only for my fate.
Not in honour of me.
You are heavenly my heart's key.


I am sick, my head is not right. I don't think I comprehended it, but I feel like I should have...oh I'll give it another read.

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Your old flame is quite a cryptic one. No I cannot pretend to understand...

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Olivia Braun 13 March 2009

A very intresting poem, I find it very deep and mystic

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 17 March 2009

The title has made this poem mystic and very deeply meaningful.....A definite 10.

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djean Whitney 25 April 2009

I love this poem! This is a very beauty and romantic poem, the title is meaningful and deep.

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Howard Kern 10 June 2009

keep writing! nice rhyming, but the rhythm fades in and out a little. This is just me, but i would have said you and I instead of me and you. the title is perfect and sets the mood of the poem. keep up the good work! ! !

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Jessica Hepner 27 April 2009


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Muhammad Ali 27 April 2009

If this flame is life! Or if this flame needs life for its survival! ! Very nice expression dear fellow! 10+ -Ali

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Hailey Agnew 26 April 2009

i agree with ulliam but i still do like it, i understand the 'help me find my way' part only too clearly.

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L.J. Mooney 25 April 2009

Your choice of words and your use of grammar has made this quite difficult to understand. I'm sure there is a deep meaning behind this but there is a point when it needs to be just that bit clear. I tend to treat the other comments made about this poem with cynicism. I think a lot of people on here post comments for the sake of it. However, I do like the sound of the sentences. I like the 2nd and 3rd line especially.

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