And So Shall The Next Wave? Poem by ANDREW BLAKEMORE

And So Shall The Next Wave?

Rating: 5.0

As far as the ocean does spread before me
And fades in the distance without sympathy,
While ebbing and flowing so graceful it lies
It clings to my dream but my dream always dies.

No promise it made as it rolls to the shore
And yet I now wish it would bring love once more,
But all of my wishes do seep through this stone
For it gives me nothing and I'm left alone.

While gulls seem to mock me I try not to hear
Their call unforgiving so loud and so clear,
I wager that they never felt love and lost
Nor thus paid the price of that terrible cost.

But here I shall wait till the sun starts to set
When I will return but I'll never forget,
For while I am living and breathing God's air
I will retain hope it will end my despair.

But as days go by I know hope will soon fade
And I shall be left with those memories I made,
Yet they'll bring no comfort for pain I will feel
For if you're not with me my wounds shall not heal.

And yet I still gaze on this ocean of blue
For there all its beauty reminds me of you,
But love is behind me and left in the past
And so shall the next wave be just like the last?

Vidyadhar Durgekar 20 May 2008

But love is behind me and left in the past And so shall the next wave be just like the last? Yeah how true........Next day is also just like that

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Lynda Robson 21 May 2008

The never ending tide, we are drawn to the sea maybe because we came from it, a lovely flowing piece of writing Andrew, thanks for this, Lynda xx

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Ernestine Northover 29 May 2008

Repeating itself over and over, but keeping up with time also. One thing that doesn't keep still, time. Rather sad write and yet beautiful too. Loved it. love and hugs Ernestine XXX

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Bonnie Collins 29 May 2008

Oh Andrew, this made me cry, it is beautifull, what more can be said, your descripition of the sea, and the gulls, and the tides all signifing a very lonly revelution of lonliness of lost love or missing the one you love.... Beautifull! ! A TEN! ! Bonnie

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Catherine Rica Cosico 26 May 2008

Loved the way you expressed your gentle love to your Sea...sad but a beautiful poem..

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Duncan Wyllie 24 May 2008

Though the sea taunts and lashes out, your words still remaid true Another stunning piece Andrew Love duncan X

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Alison Cassidy 23 May 2008

How callous is your sea Andrew. How lyrically it ebbs and flows (you can feel it in the rhythm of the piece) and yet it can never change the reality of your loss. A lover's lament penned in a minor key. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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