And Then There Is You Poem by Reshma Ramesh

And Then There Is You

Rating: 2.9

And then there is you
like slumber in the morning
like spring in winter
like a bird in flight
like the raga of the night
like white in the black
like core of the mountain
like tears in joy
like music in dance
like Oum in chants
like whistles of train
like the colours of the sun
like caffeine in coffee
like a child in the rain
like wind in the storm
like me in my mind
of course then there is you.............

To my dear friend Kiran

Catrina Heart 14 March 2009

Fabulous poetic dedication Resh written in eloquence.......heartfelt.....10+++++++

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Jude Pereira 03 September 2009

A true, sweet tribute to your friendship... Amazing

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Vaibhav Pandey 26 March 2009

brilliant poem ma'm....great expressions.....10

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Deependra Kumar Jha 25 March 2009

Lovely composition! your true feelings for a friend. Liked every bit of it. The words are carefully chosen.10

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Was it a Manic Metaphoric Moment, young lady ? lol! Excellent work here...Inventive, imageful....and as never disappoint! FjR '09

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Elaine Oxamendi Vicet 17 March 2009

Another frisky, romantic one. Like the flow of the words.

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Reshma Ramesh

Reshma Ramesh

Bangalore, India
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