An Ode To The Watermelon Poem by Reshma Ramesh

An Ode To The Watermelon

Rating: 3.1

Bold round watermelon
as a woman's breast.
Born in
the deserts of Africa
in tombs of pharaohs
as sustenance
in the afterlife.

Succulent, luscious, watery,
growing on a green vine,
crimson sweet
pretty black beads for seeds
the best part is in the middle,
subtle thirst quencher, slake.

Red juicy green baby
slice it
it falls apart revealing
half moon
dripping on my white dress
quenching my thirst
on my lips
i can taste the summer.

Salsa, cool drink, smoothie
fruit salad
every bit of it is very much
a delicacy
vivid pink flesh, simple sweet
Agua Fresca
fresh, cold and straightforward
sounds of summer
crunch, slurp, yum and gulp.
moons and stars
every summer i wait for you.

Marvin Brato 27 August 2008

Watermelon is like a woman in heat, all the juices of love so abundant you can drink of her! Truly quench the drive in men. A 10.

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Rajaram Ramachandran 13 September 2008

Though it is an ode, the watermelon got its best attention and tribute from this wonderful poem.

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Not a member No 3 19 September 2008

Infectiously upbeat and appetising writing.

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This is the most delicious watermelon I have ever read about. I have watermelon every day for breakfast and will think of it in a new light now. All the amazing images you have included in this poem have simply made me drool.... 10 Karin Anderson

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Ben Gieske 04 November 2008

This is a bonanza for the senses. “crunch, slurp, yum and gulp” There is no half-way to eat a watermelon. I like the way “pretty black beads for seeds” reads. This picture ‘half moon dripping on my white dress” stands out. It brings back the the sounds and tastes of summer.

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Shimon Weinroth 10 October 2008

well done lovely descriptions and colorful metaphors 10 watermelons always remind me of the fresh sea to each his own semantics if you please best wishes Shimon

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Dr.Wardha Jawdat 26 September 2008

this one beckoned to the watermelon lover in me...a refreshing read..much like actually eating one! ..hehe...

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Raja Basu 26 September 2008

Very juicy and appealing. Good sense of homour Reshma.

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Reshma Ramesh

Reshma Ramesh

Bangalore, India
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