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And What Of Passion?

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Can it be passion
That gives meaning to joy
Which results in emotions
Excelling in ardent employ?

Passion is wholly
Transforming, it transcends
Then creates sacred fires
In the heart that burn without end.

Chaotic and wild
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Shashendra Amalshan 06 July 2009

yes indeed Fay! ! ! words of passion and love seems to ooze out from your pen! ! ! this is a beautiful write indeed! ! ... with love shan

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passionate............the subtle kind............Inspiring was this read... took me out of my slouch.

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Eyan Desir 04 July 2009

Your wording was excellent in this piece

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Herbert Nehrlich2 30 June 2009

When you pack a lot of thoughts into a poem like this and wrap it all up in passion you get a fine poem like this. I suggest the reader re-visit this a few times, it will open further, like petals in the morning sun. What a good fortune we have great poets here amongst the aspiring ones. Hxx

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Bob Gibson 28 June 2009

Without passion in life, i would lay down and die my life's blood would curdle, harden and dry its my mainstay in life, why i persist passion means love, its why i exist a very moving poem Fay, passionatly written, by a passionate person!

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Chinedu Dike 01 November 2020

An insightful piece of poetry elegantly crafted in persuasive expressions with conviction. A work of an intricate mind. Thanks for sharing and do remain enriched.

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Fiona Davidson 18 January 2017

Truly your passion for writing this amazing poetry shines through and touches us all. Thank you for allowing us the honour of reading and enjoying it.

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James Roberts 09 July 2009

Yes very good fay I wonder what we would be like without all the taboos and social conditioning we recieve from day one.Would we give vent to our primordal instincts or are we hard wiered for constraint jim

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Sid John Gardner. 08 July 2009

You have hit the nail on the head Fay, Sid xx.

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Carl Harris 08 July 2009

This is a wonderfully written and expressed poem, Fay, and I must add my two cents of wisdom to agree with you that life without passion is even duller than watching grass grow! Passion is the spark of life and love, and when a passionate person is matched with a lover of equal or even more passion, those sparks of love to fly! Passion is indeed the spice of life and love, and you portrayed that most beautifully in this sterling poem, Fay. Carl.

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