Anderson Dccclix Poem by LeeAnn Azzopardi

Anderson Dccclix

Rating: 5.0

Yr eyes remind me of the sea
Blue like the tears that rust my soul
I wanted to give them to you
But they dissolved with the ride
You said you left for nothing I did
I am not sure of that
I know I have no patience
And I can be loud when I am angry
I have no sympathy for stupidity
But you said that's untrue
What was it that caused you to pick up
And leave without a word
Just a note is all I have
Telling me something came up
And it's not my fault
You didn't say when you're coming back
So, I am sitting at the edge of the sea--the blue sea
As I contemplate jumping into it or forgetting the past
Which one would you like me to do?

Tuesday, September 20, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: bittersweet love
Rebecca Navarre 24 September 2022

Oh how powerfully and yet beautifully expressed on heartbreak! .. Straight to the heart you bring the reader feel this! .. Beyond #'s! ..+++++++++++++++++

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Smoky Hoss 23 September 2022

Amazing power, pathos and pondering mixed in these incredible words. Great poem.

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Anjandev Roy 21 September 2022

.....that rust my soul......brilliant....

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Richard Wlodarski 20 September 2022

Such great depth of pain is conveyed in this heart-rending poem. My heart goes out to you, LeeAnn. The great love that you both shared was a beautiful gift to both of you. Cherish the gift...always...and get ready for brand new gifts! .

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