Amy Ormonde
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Angel Please Guide Me

Rating: 4.8
I watch as he walks by
steadily holding in
trying not to cry
He is once again faking
that smile that holds so gently
upon his angelic face

why does he try and hide it
when he knows there is someone here
that will always help him get by it

He resides in that corner
pushing out
the people that torment
the fiends that suffocate
and trample him out

he does not know that i see
the bruises
the cuts
all over his once smooth skin

One day i could take no more
and i began to walk up to him

'poor dear boy why do you hide
these secrets that you keep inside
are ones of sorrow
fear and pain
why wont you weep for just one day'

' I am here to bare my shoulder
let you lean on it
for it will not be more bolder
than to let you bare your head
if only for a moment
than let it be than'

' I am here yo help you cry,
open up let me inside
and you will soon confide
in me with all heart
I can see it in your soul
through your eyes
now please dear boy why do you hide? '

' I hide dear lady
for you shall see
god is the only one that will help me
and he with make better my sins
and i shall rest in peace with him'

'Angel please guide me
take away this pain
Anouk, my dear angel
it must be this way'

' My poor boy
why can't you see
I am here to help you be
death will not reside this pain
please dear boy
just listen to me! '

' I cannot listen, Anouk,
My dear angel
for you must see
I am no longer eager
to live this life,
you say that it must be,
but, Anouk my dear angel,
you do not love me.'

My poor boy walked away
and i cried in disstain
for what could I say
to something so dark
but sustained by beauty

Three days later
after my poor boy left
I watched in sorrow
as i saw the last of his casket

It was proped
and filled with pain

For my dear boy
took away his own pain

Now he is away
from the life we could have made

My poor dear boy
your dear angel
has one thing left to say

My poor dear boy
you showed me that day
that my heart did love you
in many a way.

(this is dedicated to my friend adam who took his own life. R.I.P.)
Amy Ormonde
Ramesh Rai 16 April 2015
A great dedication. You are a great poet. Keep writing. God bless you.
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Dulakshi Wakista 22 February 2010
It's really lovely poem.Inded you're great poet.Bravo! J'aime beaucoup ton poesie. tres bien.
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John Shea 06 July 2009
Anouk you are an angel to this young man because you loved him and chose to be. You will fall in love again simply because there are many deserving of an angel...Quite a rare breed. john.
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Bethany Williams 04 July 2009
I liked it but it was really sad. Its kinda like Twilight how Edward did not want Bella to becoem a vampire. But I said kinda. You say that ur true love is dead Im sorry anout that. But ur love would like you to get married and have children. He would see you again and you know that. He wants you to be happy. (But thats out of my persative. Im only a kid saying what feels right to say. And if not I'm really sorry then. But I belive he wants you to be happy.)
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Mel Atie 24 June 2009
sad... but beautiful writen
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James Mclain 24 June 2009
it is written as another here would write such words as these that tear the soul of one as he described in sorrows poise on brinks that shear the wings off from this see...iip
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this is sad. beautifully written but are a fine poet. one of the best i know
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