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I'm Sorry for the pain i've caused
the tears we had to cry
the anger we felt so deep inside
the torment and the anguish that stood at our sides

I watch as he walks by
steadily holding in
trying not to cry

It's twisted I know
But true
I can only feel love when i'm dreaming it through
While this rose that burdens me


Im lost
I did something I should have never

I can watch as this blood trickles slowly
leaving my once pale skin
red and lonely

Take care of what you ask of me
cuz i can't say no
and even though i'm aware
I can't stop at all

I love to live and live to love
but how can I love if your far from.......
the way we use to live and breath
Why must we forget these truths these dreams

In my dreams
I lye in wake
Waiting apon another fate

The flowing current
slowly wading
the break of water slowly fading
off the shore

They say
Death is not what it seems

It does not replace the screams

I was quiet in the corner
He whispered in my ear
'come closer'

We climbed the highest mountains
and reached for the sky
our spirits ran as one
it was only you and I


man: *laughing* 'Really your serious? '

woman: 'Yes, i didnt cheat i swear i love you why would i do something and risk what we have? '

jumping for joy
or increased gain
running to love
or from it

'Missing all the happiness
thinking of the laughter
missing the very best
saying it'll get better

A dim lit room
only seen by candle light
flickers of the dreary light cast shadows upon the walls
people stand around

My light winged angel guided me
through the torment or another being
He made me see
My 'loved one'

I wish i felt a fear
a shrill
of dread
a tear

My heart it races
Quickly paces
opening up doors to many new places

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Bonjour! ! ! ! Jai mappelle Anouk. Jai Dix-huit ans. I Have been writing poems since I was in 5th grade. I have based all my poems off of real events in my life. There is A lot of truth and troubles behind what I write. I hope you enjoy them! ! ! ! Have Fun! ! ! lol Merci Beacoup, Anouk: D)

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How Love Has To Deal

I'm Sorry for the pain i've caused
the tears we had to cry
the anger we felt so deep inside
the torment and the anguish that stood at our sides

But what more can I say
we had to deal
it was the only way

Now what happens
do we sit
or keep on laughing
are you going for the door
leaving me helpless on the floor
or can we work this out
between us and no one else

Your going to leave me here crying and in pain
you caused this bleeding and bruising and shame
Why can't you of all people understand?

I did nothing wrong
you upset me so i'm the one that has to fall?
Why must you swing and aim
When your the one that failed playing your own game!

Why must you be so violent
it's a shame

But in the end I'm the one to blame
For this pain
for this bleeding and this beating
Because I'm the one that took it all
I'm the one that loved and failed
So this beating is a remeberance
of how love has to deal.

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she is an excellent poet with tons of skillz, tons of heart. she is also a fantastic friend..

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Shari Hill 14 May 2007

amy i lvoe your poems love ya shari

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