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Angels All Around

Rating: 5.0

Touched by a revealing light
I look into the setting sun’s rays
Serenity overwhelms me once more
So many words I want to say
But our conversation goes nowhere
I don’t feel like explaining it anymore
Looking for my angel
Where did she go?
Seems she left
Only for a while

I keep my mind at ease
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young woman's passion was successfully brought out. shan

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Catrina Heart 11 April 2009

Stunning poetic pictorial of light, love and angels in our life.............great poem, touching verses indeed.

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Akram Saqib 11 April 2009

The stars are there souls Everywhere we look they linger I know it cuts like a knife I’ve been in that place themes seems lying in these beautiful lines good write saqib

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i like this poem it is really touchin... ~it's robie's gurl~

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Blue Eyes 10 April 2009

a very nice poem, indeed, i loved the the images.

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Fiona Davidson 19 April 2009

Absolutly beautiful piece Vanessa...enjoyed reading this so much...Fi 10+++

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wow....! ! ! what a beautiful peace... really sweet one..... just keep writing....

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Ronell Warren Alman 15 April 2009

Nicely written Vanessa!

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Victor Sklyarov 13 April 2009

A really charming poem. +10

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Chitra - 12 April 2009

meaningful and inspiring...felt nice while reading these soothing thoughts

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