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Another Please

Rating: 5.0

Another Please
She could use a cigarette
She says she’s not addicted yet
But I see it in her eyes
He could use another break
And I could try and take
Away all the pain today
Another down the bar here
Mister please, be a dear
The world is so hard on us

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James Mclain 10 April 2009

I enjoyed this poem very much..sad sounding.iip.thanks you...

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i am speechless... u R amazing u write so vividly and clearly i c u n this poem beautiful

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Tiffani Williams 09 April 2009

WOW, this is amazing! : DDDDDD I'm honored you like mine because you're a wonderful poet!

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Chitra - 12 April 2009

vividly penned....almost drowned in your words...ofcourse unlike the drowning of a typical drinker.. i enjoyed the swirl of your creativity. good work

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Sandra Martyres 10 April 2009

A very vivid depiction of the typical drinker.....drowing sorrows in alcohol - well written poem

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John Lyday 10 April 2009

Yea I quit smoking after 30 years. We all love our addictions. Good poem.

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Barry A. Lanier 10 April 2009

drinking away our pain and listening to all the 'you done me wrong songs', , , and the character content with the misery takes another, , , , , a cycle of an ideal drinker, , ,

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Eyan Desir 10 April 2009

Good flow Good write

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