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Anti-Image War Glory

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Turn the channel more.
There it is again as before.
The glory of blood and gore.
Images fill my public mind.
That is a way as never before.
I must be a war star - GALORE! ! ! ! !
Into the mud and constant fear.
On the riverbank a wilted ear.
Part of a forgotten stars life.
War is not that image part.

Over to my left, a human heart.
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Otteri Selvakumar 26 November 2008

supper hit Poem

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Shimon Weinroth 23 November 2008

well versed and some even eat while watching these obscene scenes, the more you protest the better! best wishes Shimon

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Pandian Angelina 01 July 2009

The TV potrayal does desensitise people to the Realities of War or Terrorism. A good one and 'am sorry that I can't use it. Anyway - you are reaching people Joe and thats what counts. Angel

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Sid John Gardner. 29 November 2008

Joe, when you have been in combat so close to the man who is attempting to take your life that you can smell him, and the last cigarette he had on his breath, it focuses the mind. War for the man and woman at the business end is about staying alive...End of story.Believe all the propoganda you wish.Perhaps the religious clerics, polaticians, Power brokers and weapons manufacturers should combine in a pact for peace. Sid.(On your side)

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Thad Wilk 29 November 2008

Awesome poem Joe! Capturing an thought provoking - start to finish! Best wishes! *10*! Frend Thad

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Robert Howard 29 November 2008

This crusty poem brought Mark Twain's 'War Prayer' to mind.

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Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar 27 November 2008

An eye opening one, written with a force

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