Argument(78) Poem by VAIDYANATHAN.T. RAM


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Why need of argument,
But whatever it is,
An argument is irritatable,
Where, need of argument,
But Wherever it is,
An argument hurts the others heart.
When, need of argument,
But, Whenever it is,
An argument gives no solution.
To Whom, Need of argument,
But to whomever it is,
An argument is said to be indiscipline.

The Argument,
Disturbs the peace.
The Argument,
Creates the envy.
The Argument,
Breaks the relationship,
The Argument,
Unable to stay comfort.

Avoid Arguments,
By understanding Each other,
Avoid Arguments.
By mutual discussion.

Sometimes, Somewhere, Somehow,
Argument is a envy
Sometimes, somewhere, somehow,
Argument is a wastage of time.
Sometimes, Somewhere, Somehow,
Argument is a wastage of energy.
Sometimes, Somewhere, Somehow,
Argument is a overact.
Sometimes, Somewhere, Somehow,
Argument is a selfish.
But, Sometimes, somewhere, somehow,
Argument is required to win the justice.

Cheryl Tutaan 05 May 2017

Allow us to love one another...Avoid an argument. An affirmative write...Thank you so much Vaidyanathan...Big 10 :)

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Ramesh T A 06 May 2017

Argument crops only when agreement is not possible between two or more on some matter. For the acceptance of a matter artful presentation is what needed to make it acceptable. Otherwise, mere argument to make all accept a thing is waste and impossible as all have freedom and rights to think, speak and do what one likes in democracy! So, the best thing can be by love only all can be made to be acceptl, I believe!

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Rajnish Manga 06 May 2017

It is always a wastage of time and energy to get involved in an argument. Nicely expressed. @@@ An argument hurts the others heart. Avoid Arguments.... By understanding Each other,

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Akhtar Jawad 06 May 2017

You are right but if someone thinks you are wrong, it's better to keep silence. Instead of arguing avoid such men. It's an amazing poem, I congratulate you for writing and sharing this great poem

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Edward Kofi Louis 06 May 2017

'Breaks the relationship'! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 13 September 2019

A brilliant piece of work about argument. The third stanza tells everything! I sincerely appreciate your stance....beautifully penned.....................10

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 06 September 2019

A wonderful poem imbued with wisdom and insight. Argument has its positive and negative effects. If the argument will only lead to a conflict then it should be avoided. However, if it aims to clarify and issue and achieve meeting of of minds, argument serves its purpose.

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Geetha Jayakumar 29 May 2017

A thought provoking write. Some arguments becomes necessary, while most of them is not required at all. Surely it disturbs the peace of mind at the same time one has to raise voice for justice.

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Abdulrazak Aralimatti 19 May 2017

Verily, argument is a very sensitive case where a lot of self diligence and patience is required and it is a great test to know the true character and nobility of man.

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A very thoughtful poem on the subject of argument. Nicely penned. Most often, argument proves futile. It hurts both sides and becomes most uncomfortable. But think of the lawyers. They are standing in the court just to argue their case. If they keep quiet, they will lose the case. To argue or not should be judged and decided according to the circumstances. Well done, Ram. An interesting poem! 10

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