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Different Kinds of Laws,
Different Kinds of Chapters,
Different kinds of sections,
Different kinds of Amendments,
Different kinds of Penal code,
Different kinds Of accused,
Different kinds of punishments,
Different kinds of lawyers,
Different kinds of justice,
Different kinds of protection forces,

Somewhere in the corner of this world,
It is the people who violate traffic rules.
But obeying Traffic rules protects from accident.
It is the people who offer bribe,
But offering the bribe, it makes other person to do mistake,
It is the people casting the vote for money,
But voting for money, Destroys the welfare of poverty
It is the people expecting for freebies,
But expecting for freebies,
Gives a chance to some politicians to do mistakes.

Sometimes, Somewhere, Somehow,
The justice is missing.
Sometimes, somewhere, Somehow,
The Law is missing.
Sometimes, Somewhere, somehow,
The protection of citizens is missing.
Sometimes, somewhere, somehow,
The Discipline of the law is missing.
Sometimes, somewhere, somehow,
The bribe is in force.
Sometimes, somewhere, somehow,
Till, dowry harassment continues.
Sometimes, somewhere, somehow,
Till, The theft of others property continues.
Sometimes, somewhere, somehow,
Till, The Rape continues.
Sometimes, somewhere, somehow,
Till, Killing the life's continues.
Sometimes, somewhere, somehow,
Till, voting for money continues.
Sometimes, somewhere, somehow,
Till, child labour continues.
Sometimes, somewhere, somehow,
Till, The child abuse continues.
Sometimes, somewhere, somehow,
Destroying the environment continues.

The Law is Getting Destroyed,
When Law is Destroyed,
The protection of citizen is destroyed,
When protection of citizen is destroyed,
The Economy is destroyed.
When Economy is destroyed,
The welfare of the people is destroyed.

Curtis Johnson 10 May 2017

My friend Ram. You have properly and rightfully discerned the purpose of 'law'. Where there is more than one person, we find the need for 'laws' or some form of contracting agreement. All relationships demand some form of covenant, contract, or code of conduct. However, 'laws' alone cannot properly and adequately govern people. What is also required is 'love'. Love and Law must go hand in hand. Laws tell me what I'm required to do. Love enables me to do what I am required to do.

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Sekharan Pookkat 11 May 2017

Law, rule of law. law of the land, customs, conventions, precedents, origin of law.jurisprudence, justice, natural law, contract....... are interesting terms for law students.For a common man, he has no concern about these factors. He is struggling for earning his bread. I will not eat cake till others have bread...! thanks for sharing your vision on justice.

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Cheryl Tutaan 11 May 2017

Profoundly written...I'm not that kind of knowledgeable about Law but in my own opinion, there's a big difference between Law and Justice. Strongly agree with Sir @Curtis Johnson, Both are nonsense without Love...Thank you dear poet, Ram... A big 10

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Rajnish Manga 11 May 2017

The whole gamut has been nicely described. Breaking laws with impunity will result into social degeneration of values and public welfare. Thanks a lot for sharing. It is the people who violate traffic rules. It is the people who offer bribe, The Law is Getting Destroyed, The protection /....welfare of the people is destroyed.

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Bharati Nayak 12 May 2017

A very thoughtful poem.The purpose of law is to categorize different activities which are to be obeyed for smooth functioning of our social system where people can live peacefully and work to the benefits of themselves as well as the society.Judiciary is there to see that laws and rules are followed and book those who violate the rules or who harm the other members of society and destroy the social fabric. If there is corruption in people, it will make the mockery of the whole system. The person offering bribe is as guilty as the person taking it. I would say people offering bribes are more guilty because they beget the corrupt practice and corrupt the system.Thank you for sharing a poem of real social issue.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 16 September 2019

An insightful piece of work dear poet... I sincerely appreciate the thought contents.....10

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Anjandev Roy 11 September 2019

Wisely penned. Thank u, dear poet. anjandev roy.

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Akhtar Jawad 12 August 2019

A society needs laws to to run the day to day affairs of life. But the law enforcers are the first to break the laws. They think they are above all laws. As far as justice is concerned it's always delayed and a delayed justice is denied justice. A nice thoughtful poem.

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Geetha Jayakumar 24 May 2017

Today a common man feels that justice is denied from their lives as the culprit is set off free due to lack of proofs. Its really difficult to get justice as it takes long time and by that time the justice seeker himself might have died. Thought provoking write. Loved reading it.

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Abdulrazak Aralimatti 19 May 2017

Verily, law makers are law breakers

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