1 Is Easy Poem by Sonny Rainshine

1 Is Easy

Rating: 5.0

One sex, one race,
one religion, one face.
One thought, one nation,
one dream, one altercation—
One is easy.

But gender,
belief, and ethnicity,
patriots and pariahs, authenticity,
need not tender
strife and bewilderment.

Two sexes and all between,
a spectrum of creeds,
not one, maybe fourteen,
and dreams innumerable,
left balancing right,
one is not enough
for any human heart.

One is easy
but one is not enough.


Sonny, This is moving. It's good. It's deep, but such a pleasure to read. And oh yes, one is not enough. Peace, L&T

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Fred Babbin 22 December 2007

The content is really good.

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Duncan Wyllie 16 December 2007

I remember only too well just what ONE ALONE felt like, it wasn't easy and this poem reminds us all just how much we depend and need each other, spreading a little love here me thinks Sonny, great Write! Take care Love duncan X

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Davidia Kartina 02 June 2007

wow...., , i'm speechless, .... but i think sometimes TWO isnt enough either CALL ME SOMETIME ;) *************please read and review my poems please **********************

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Seema Chowdhury 09 March 2010

very nice and true message conveyed in your poem. thanks for sharing. take care. pl see some of my poems of 2010 on pg1

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Ian Bowen 20 January 2009

Great message in your well written piece.10/10 Ian

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Chitra - 15 December 2008

well said, different and turthful

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James Foulk 24 May 2008

very different. i like it and one is not enough.

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Fred Babbin 15 May 2008

I like the poem, but unfortunately, not enough people would agree with that.

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