As Time Moves On Poem by Jayne Louise Davies

As Time Moves On

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I look beyond an endless sky,
To feel the tears fall from my eyes,
Remember us just as we were,
Then in the distance I still hear,
Those gentle words you'd often say,
I think about you every day,
The past has gone and with it took,
The love we had, my whole world shook.
Remember me, remember you,
Love is free, with heartache too.
Some scars don't heal, the pain still raw,
As time moves on, I need you more.
Will I always feel so blue,
Forever feel this love for you?
And as I look beyond the sky,
I wipe the tears and wonder why,
Some things, are just not meant to be,
Remember you, remember me.

Jayne Louise Davies

Pradip Chattopadhyay 24 June 2013

some things are just not meant to be, it tells all about love and the residues of its aching memory. You have woven it nice Jayne.

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Jayne Davies 06 September 2013

Thanks Sandra! Glad you like it!

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Sandra Feldman 13 August 2013

I will Remember you're beautiful poem and its tender, forlorn sentiment. Thank you, very musical, tranmits a lot of feeling.

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Jayne Davies 08 July 2013

Thanks for the lovely comment John! Glad you like it!

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John Hess 07 July 2013

Very touching... The heart aches for times of old, the trick is to move on- -so we are told. Keep writing it helps, and hopefully one day soon life will smile upon you.

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Jayne Davies 24 June 2013

Thank you Pradip! Glad you like it!

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Jayne Louise Davies

Jayne Louise Davies

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