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At The River's Edge

Rating: 5.0

At the river’s edge I’m dreaming
Fixed in silent reverie
Gazing into crystal waters
Rippling out to capture me

Shall I walk into its shallows
Slip into its icy deeps
Feel it lapping all around me
Linger where Poseidon sleeps

Deeper, deeper thus immersing
Into regions yet unknown
Where the river meets the ocean
Where all fantasies are sewn

I am falling, falling, falling
Further into time long past
Touching ancient worlds of wonder
Where all memories are cast

Let me carry you there with me
Drifting ‘cross the bridge of time
Soul by soul traverse together
Back to Eden so sublime

A journey into the collective unconscious......
Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 06 February 2014

A journey into the collective unconscious and at the river's edge we may be calm or excited looking at the moving memories mostly clouded sometimes clear Thank you for sharing, Val..

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Dee Corpolongo 06 February 2014

This is beautiful, Val, and makes me want to go with you! ! ! I truly love this warm and calming poem, though I am not Adam! Nor Eve for that matter! Still, I enjoyed this very much. Thank you for this excellent poem.

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Smoky Hoss 05 February 2014

Deep, delicate, and dreamy. Carl Jung would be proud of you, as am I, this is a beautiful poem.

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Kevin Patrick 04 February 2014

extremely enchanting, the river could be a metaphor of feeling oppressed, but the last line suggest complete reflection, and nostalgia, thank you for taken me on your river

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Hans Vr 04 February 2014

something mystical, something surreal, superbly poetic, extremely nice.

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Robert Beck 08 October 2014

Your thoughts flow far beyond the river's edge, like in a deep dream you take us with you

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Elena Sandu 13 February 2014

I could feel this poem with all of my skin dear Valerie! It feels like one of those moments of connection where space and time become limitless. The connection to a river may teach so many things, if only for a while we can keep still falling into a silent reverie! Thank you for share, always a pleasure to read your poems!

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Thomas Vaughan Jones 12 February 2014

A big yes from start to finish. The rhyme and rhythm is faultless, and definitely a keeper. Lovely poem Val.

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John Brown 09 February 2014

The poem is sublime, as was, we suppose, Eden. Excellent Val - very thought provoking.

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Neela Nath Das 07 February 2014

Life beyond life! Reunion thru death.Very nice theme Val.I'm your fan, you know.

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