Attar Of Roses (Sonnet) Poem by Valerie Dohren

Attar Of Roses (Sonnet)

Rating: 5.0

I am the perfume full caught by the breeze
The fragrance that drifts through the air -
Attar of Roses soft borne on the wind
With Night-scented Stock lingering there

Essence of Jasmine and sweet Columbine
Is cast all around as I breathe -
Honeyed Gardenia and scented Sweet Pea
Yet soothing all hearts that do grieve

I am the treasure your senses desire
The perfume in floral displays
Carried above as pure redolent air -
The fragrance in bridal bouquets

I dwell in fair gardens bringing delight
To lighten all hearts each day and each night

Dave Walker 01 May 2013

A great poem, I love scent of flowers blowing in the wind.

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Hazel Durham 01 May 2013

The colourful abundance of flowers, so delicate and yet so powerful with their prescence and leaving a trail of unforgettable scents, that create such beautiful memories that last forever! Beautiful write!

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Hans Vr 30 April 2013

Wow, makes me think of the time I recently spent in Keukenhof in Holland. The scent and fantastic colours of so many flowers softening any mood. Spring time is fantastic. I had not been back in Europe for many years at this time of the year (early spring) . The adorable colour of the fresh green leaves on the trees made it all look like perfect. Excellent poem, Val.

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C. P. Sharma 30 April 2013

A well spun sonnet spayed over with sensuous scent of choicest flowers.

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David Wood 30 April 2013

Delicate and light a floral delight.

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Heather Wilkins 08 October 2013

a lovely bouquet of flowers so sweetly scented. a lovely read

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Patricia Grantham 18 July 2013

A delightful poem that is full of sweet fragrances just like the flowers that bloom and send forth their delightful aromas wafting through the air and delighting the senses. Enjoyed this lovely write Valerie. When you get chance please read my poem Snowflakes.

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Chandra Thiagarajan 03 June 2013

A sonnet full of fragrance- Attar of Roses- is smelt by me through your lovely poem, Valerie!

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John Brown 11 May 2013

A lovely poem Val. I adore the smell of night scented stock, I grow it most years.

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Valsa George 05 May 2013

The sweet scent profusely sent out makes the air aromatic and far in the Eastern Hemisphere, I get it! Lovely! !

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