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I do bless the epic Muse to have honoured me,
and have revered my labour by her refference.
I would shudder, had she on my life in Hades said nothing.
No one could imagine that I'm living here thousand lifes,
as many as the times the giant rock rolls down
plus those I push it up on the stumbling slopes.
Stones have become these hands
out of my heart's stubborness and irate wrath.
Steel my armrests, hydraulic lifts,
springs propellent my leg muscles,
stony pillows the cheeks,
the huge rock upon to rest.

I do not need any succour,
not even of any Persephone or Pluto,
no need even of any favour for a different punishment.
I dignify the penalty of the very murky life.
I shiver lest the rock stand stable on the summit.
I fear to wither -in that case- motionless up there.
Soul's breath spouts from my labour's sweat.
Mute joy every arduous ascent.

I hope not to stay with vaquum hands.
Out of my flesh throes come my fate's delights.
Smiling I descent the breathing space of the slope.
My senses feel there the dark grace's benison.
And if I miss the light of the stars and that of the sun,
it's enough for me to see the mortals of the earth's mud,
beyond the crazy desperate life's denial
or slavish decency of timidity mortal,
endure their own pains under their rays' warmth.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: death,freedom,life and death,lifestyle
Influenced by Kelly Kurt's poem ''Don't blink'' and mostly by the comments on it I wrote this poem here on Sisyphus' myth in a way the great philosophers of the last two centuries analysed the problems of our societies and civilization relatively cannected to that myth.Especially the question of logical and illogical, rational and irretional in life and society, if life is worth to be lived, if we can trust our life to the ethics of a leligion, if the belief in gods can help or stay an obstacle to our societies.. etc.Between them were Dostowiewski, Leon Sestow, Nitche, Kafka, Sartre, Pirandello, Albert Camy...and others..///I present here Sisyphos as a myth by the muse of Homer created, i.e. by the human mind, in an attempt to explain in a way that is to be deciphered with different points of views.In the three last verses one can see my point of view.The human being of our societies, we do not deserve a.a crazy, desperate denial of life, b.our stance in life does not deserve a slavish decency of timidity, c.There is joy in life even between the mortal pain.////I hope the readers will like it.///With pleasure I will accept any proposals of a different wording, or amendments of expressions used.I wrote in parallel the english and the greek text to form two poems in two languages ///An addititional note [5 Mar.2016]: I do owe the writing of this poem to Kelly Kurt's poem 'Don't blink' and to the comments made on it.I wanted to take part in the discussion opened.I found better to do it by a poem.By this one.
So I may say that I could have not written the poem except under these conditions.Under other conditions even if by the same title the poem would be another one and not this one.That's why it deserves to be DEVOTED TO THE FRIEND KELLY KURT.He always gives us the fuel to think on different topics and problems of the world and the humankind.
Georgios Venetopoulos 02 March 2016

I would prompt you to avoid the usage of many adjectives (they mean absolutely nothing in most cases) and to be more specific in your texts. The mind (and tongue) twisters are usually desperate attempts to impress others but almost never poetic expressions. You should also avoid the frequent referrals to Ancient Greece, deities and stories for no reason. Since you are a new writer, I would advise you to: 1) make sense and stop being abstract.2) examine and portray an comprehensible phenomenon in life or nature.3) create a simple, flowing composition. I would also advise you to stop referring to the works of other writers. Stand on your own and compose literature.

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Michael Walker 03 April 2017

A most substantial poem on life's rationality, or the irrational. Like Albert Camus, you use the myth of Sisyphus very effectively. I noted 2 words: 'a thousand lives' (correct) , and 'vacuum'-right spelling. Every little detail like that matters. I have to check the spelling of words even now in a dictionary. Michael.

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Fabrizio Frosini 02 February 2017

... yes, dear Dimitrios, your poem truly deserve to be published.. ;)

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Dimitrios Galanis 02 February 2017

Υο You can then, dear Fabrizio, subsume it into the planned compilation.

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Daniel Brick 14 September 2016

This is such a finished poem, a completely achieved poem. And yet I could add to it because is a threshold poem. I was reminded of Hamlet's cryptic statement, I COULD BE BOUND IN A NUT SHELL AND CONSIDER MYSELF KING OF INFINITE SPACE. Your poem explains Hamlet's point. Sisyphus is using his mind, spirit, body fully to make each hour of his ordeal meaningful, productive, positive. Extreme punishment has been transformed into extreme opportunity. By adopting the hill and the rock as his own identity, he subverts the ordeal as punishment and makes of it a field of triumph. Dimitrios, you have given us a new myth which contains the old myth. Nothing is lost in this transformation, but so much has been added subtly so as not to disturb the poetry of the past, the wisdom of the ancients.

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Dimitrios Galanis 17 September 2016

I was very pleased to read your comment on this particular poem, dear Daniel.You know the miracle of the ancient greek civilization was that it were the poets who formed and changed the myths in their own works.It was not acrergy to dictate their perception of the world.That is why beyond any influence of theocratic views the proccess of history led to the democracy where it was the people who decided their own future by the human laws they voted for their state.//So I dared too here to change slightly the myth in a way no one else before dared.Thanks a lot for the kind word, dear Daniel.

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Nosheen Irfan 31 July 2016

Very philosophical work. Fate versus human endeavors....yes, happiness must lie in struggle rather than in expectation of a desirable outcome. Life would be drudgery if we rely too much on success n fruition of our efforts. A great write on the myth of Sisyphus. Man is condemned to struggle endlessly....he must accept it or be miserable. Life can be meaningful if we find joy in struggle. A10

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Dimitrios Galanis 31 July 2016

Thank you, dear Nosheen.I do esteem so much your comments.This is, really, one of the few poems of mine, which I regard as a very good one.You are right in your comment.That was the target in it, you percieved it in its right meaning.Thank you so much.

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Edward Kofi Louis 14 March 2016

Stumbling slopes of life! Nice piece of work.

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Dimitrios Galanis 19 March 2016

Your generous words, dear Edwart, a honour to me.

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