Autumn Dreaming Poem by Fiona Davidson

Autumn Dreaming

Trees drip rivers of colour from branches
Bared towards the granite skies above me
Reds and golds float freely to the ground
Forming a carpet so rich beneath my feet

Autumn walks through the wooded vales
Reveal the beauty of this planet we live on
As we watch the seasons turn and take us
We are back in primeval years of evolution

In our minds the rawness makes us alive
Breathing the salty tang of seas eternal
The never ending crash upon our shores
Reminding of its power over our lives

A smile appears as I look out to horizons
I once believed were lost in misty times

Carol Gall 08 November 2009

dreaming lovely write so vivid 10

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Linda Ori 08 November 2009

Beautifully done, with awesomely brilliant and colorful imagery. Reminds me why Autumn if my favorite season. Thanks for this little glimpse of mother nature's majesty. Linda :)

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Micron 08 October 2014

beautiful autumn picture you paint with this poem - lovely

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T S 16 November 2009

Hi Fi How are things Been a while I know. Anyway I am back LOL This is a lovley verse 10 Plus

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maggie murray 09 November 2009

A smile appears as I look out to horizons I once believed were lost in misty times lovely autumn poem Fi, thanks...Maggie

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Carl Harris 09 November 2009

Your exceptional talent to vividly capture scenes of nature with your words shines brightly in this wonderfully imagninative poem, Fi, and it was a great pleasure to read. Carl.

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Patti Masterman 08 November 2009

I like this autumn song and especially the ending is just perfect.

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