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Best Closed

This vigil cripples my thoughts
Drags me down into shadows
Darkest depths that smother
With each breath you take

I try to rise above to the stars
But a heaviness pulls at my feet
Places my soul in a room of pain
Battles fought and lost surround us

Loneliness is a blanket
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Georgia Girl 25 August 2009

sad but so well written, sometimes it takes all that we have to keep our heads out of the water...great write..10

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Carol Gall 25 August 2009

such beauty in your words fi but dont stay long in the shadows

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Fay Slimm 25 August 2009

Your insight becomes brilliant Fi... and your pen has become tinged with a golden touch.... this piece will stay with me - - Fay.

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Sandra Martyres 25 August 2009

A beautiful but very poignant piece Fi...10+++

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Catrina Heart 25 August 2009

Loneliness is a blanket I shrug off as it masks me Strength is only an illusion Within these walls flickering ----- first class imagery..........loved it! ! ! !

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Kumarmani Mahakul 05 April 2019

This vigil cripples your thoughts down into the shadows with smoother perception. An excellent poem is very brilliantly penned.10

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Paul Cutting 14 September 2009

you need only rise above the clouds to see the stars. I do love this poem, very beautifully sad. PC

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Barbara Terry 05 September 2009

I agree with what a lot have said here. It took me years to realize that I opened so many doors best left closed. I am going through my mind now and closing those doors. This is a sad and painful poem to read but it didn't trigger any sad thoughts. A 10+++++. Love & hugs, Barbara

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Sue Sie 29 August 2009

Your strength is drawn from.. a heart of gold holding together the pieces of love and care, fear and anxiety....that heart is yours...x Sue x

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Varanasi Ramabrahmam 28 August 2009

A poem full of experience of and insight about life.

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