Bonfires Of Desire Poem by Fiona Davidson

Bonfires Of Desire

Love washes over me
Bliss follows in its steps
Curling around my soul
Just a trace of a kiss
Lingers on my lips
Burning like a spark
Blown from bonfires
Dreams settled upon it
The map of my skin
Tingles with your touch
Heart races faster now
Trying to keep up
With the passion that flows
Beneath my surface
Like a crystal river of desire
I rest on your shoulder now
Sated as we lie as one
Entangled hearts beat so soft
Eternity could call unheard

Stephen Stirk 27 August 2009

Wonderful stuff Fi. Gives a whole new meaning to November the 5th. Bangers, rockets and the like. A definite 15 out of 10. Best Regards Steve

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Stephen Magill 19 August 2009

curled toes and body spasms have never been peened so eloquently. loved the ending, eternity could call unheard. -steve

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I knew from the title I would be reading something very special, and hoped it would be passionate and romantic, and guess what! it was all this and more. It was loving and tender and very beautiful too! 10 love Karin

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Sue Sie 14 August 2009

Talent of writing Romance is surely your Forte...excellent content...Fiery passion of desire..with the gentleness of loving heart x Sue

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Carl Harris 13 August 2009

The wonderful sensuality of this charming and very expressive poem is quite delightful, Fi. You simply excell like virtually no other poet in writing these lovely romantic poems. Carl.

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Premila Patel 30 May 2015

I couldn't help adding another... shout it from the rooftops. Louder than the bonfires.. Its bigger and better! ! xx

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Premila Patel 18 May 2015

You can only hope for the best Fiona... there's always more to come... xx

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Matt Mooney 16 April 2010

'Eternity could call unheard'-wonderful. A great poem of love.You once enjoyed my 'Montmartre'.

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Barbara Terry 29 March 2010

I wish upon a star that I could have a love like you write aobut here. This is so tender and romantic it just makes the heart melt. Thank you Fi for sharing this delightful poem. Love & hugs, Barbara

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Rachel Butler 28 October 2009

Sated as we lie as one Rachel Ann Butler

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Fiona Davidson

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