B1 Into Nothing Poem by Bill Smith

B1 Into Nothing

Rating: 5.0

Kiss me into nothing
Make me disappear
Fingertip my heartstrings
Relieve me of all fear
With your honeyed lips
Steal the diamonds from my face
Reach into my soul
Leave not a trace
Of days of introspection
Of asking questions why
Take all the guilt I carry
And cast it to the sky
To form as clouds of sadness
To float upon the breeze
To leave me now forever
Fall as rain into blue seas
To dilute into nothing
Which is what it’s always been
Erase from my memory
Yesterdays bad dream
Kiss me into nothing
Make me disappear
Crush the doubt inside me
Replace it with good cheer
Fairy dust tomorrow
Pepper stars at night
Fill my days with wonder
Speak words of sheer delight
Kiss my naked body
With lips buttered thick
Tease me of all feeling
Linger at the tip
Kiss me into nothing
Make me disappear
Kiss me into nothing
Make me disappear

Original Unknown Girl 14 January 2008

Wowser! fabulous work here. Love it. HG: -) xx

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Francis Duggan 03 January 2008

Good poem Bill very clever usage of words with good rhythm, well done

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William Jackson 01 January 2008

Well said. Universal appeal! Great write.

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