Baby P Poem by Amy

Baby P

Rating: 2.7

They broke your back
And hurt you so
Neglecting you
Whilst you would grow

They treated you
As if you were dirt
Walked all over you
And made you hurt

Your delicate bones
Fell to shatters
Your parents said
It didn’t matter

I can’t believe
They stole your life
And ended it
Without a strife

I wish that we
Had seen before
But now baby P
You are no more

So rest in peace
Doomed from the start
But you’re with god now
And in our hearts

I know many have written about baby P, but i thought i'd put it in my own words. It isnt intended, but if this is even a bit offensive, i didnt mean it at all.

Rest in peace baby P

Blue Eyes 20 November 2008

ur words r gentle and no one is offended u cannot hurt a fly even if u intended reading this poem i couldn`t stand i just fell and stayed on the ground

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Billy Joe Collins 20 November 2008

what is offensive is what they put that child through, your poem shows how much you care in your heart. well wrote and i for one feel blessed that you shared thanks you baby p needs our prayers

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T S 15 April 2009

A beautiful poem in Honour of a Child who was starved of Love.... a cruel world we live in that's for sure 10/10

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Great poem so sad..... Great write Krista

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Eddie Larkin 23 November 2008

You have said it beautifully about this poor unfortunate child... how anyone can do this to a baby is beyond my understanding. Well done, Amy.

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Tj Becker 22 November 2008

What a sad sad piece. Even the thought of someone hurting a child sets my blood on fire. How can anyone do such a thing. Nicely written

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James Foulk 21 November 2008

a very heart felt piece of beautiful poetry and so well said such a tender poem.

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