I Don'T Deserve You Poem by Amy

I Don'T Deserve You

Rating: 2.9

I don’t deserve your stunning smile
Or your twinkling eyes
So guess I’ll wait a while
The one thing I despise

I don’t deserve the words you speak
The warmness of your voice
The way you make my knees go weak
Do I really have a choice?

But then I listen to the things you say
And look into your heart
Now all the love has gone away
And it’s tearing me apart

I was caught up with my imagination
I didn’t have a clue
I was to busy boarding loves station

But you know I’m right- I don’t deserve you

And I’m fine with that

Fiona Davidson 23 November 2008

This made me so sad that you might htink you weren't deserving of someones love...well written...thank you...

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Preetam Shetty 04 June 2010

Noe thats love...when you dont expect anything but you want everything

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James Mclain 18 April 2009

It is a very well written poem and you did deserve all of it... :)

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Little Hatila ;) 12 December 2008

well, maybe you deserves him but you have not realize it yet.... extremely well done, , , ,10 Hataw

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Kesav Easwaran 24 November 2008

looking into one's face...listening to words...what makes real difference is when you decide to look into one's heart...as we find out from this write...i liked that beautiful phrase- was too busy to boarding love station...i would say your mate doesn't deserve you...ten, Amy

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this poem is so heart breaking...everyone should deserve someone that they love but this poem had some great imagery and I loved it it spoke the truth...thanks 10/10

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