Bad Men’s Poetry Day … 1808-2k13 Poem by saadat tahir

Bad Men’s Poetry Day … 1808-2k13

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It’s the time of your life
Find a niche
scatter from your pen
bones; in a hyena’s den
for recognition’s sake
easy pickings take
from here and there
pick and choose
in abundance effuse
a patchwork here
a quilt work there
a mix and match
a copy paste patch
accolades you may
daily receive
to the knowing eye
you cannot deceive
he’s hardly read
he poorly fares
never been ground
in literature fine
better points of muse
so borrow it all
and carry a ruse
build a scam
go through it all
with a battering ram
feral feed in anyone’s nest
live life, like cuckoo’s best

Go on buzzard
Do your thing
surf the web
brazen search
for lines to spin
a sham cobweb
in the end it wouldn’t
make a happy man
in sober circles
it will not pan
but sadly that’s
all you can do
we know the story
of schools too few.

saadat tahir
18th Aug,2k13

many people indulge in brazen plagiarism, to satisfy their instinct for reading their name. The will not stop at anything any where.
the world is the feeding ground of the vulture.
Everything is game, for there is no shame.

18 Aug is celebrated as bad poetry day the world over....i thought why not include the bad poets too....
Diane Montemayor 11 January 2017

Dear Doc Poet Saadat, I loved this line the knowing eye you can not deceive, you are perfectly right doc...Even yourself you can not deceive, that is what we call INTELLECTUAL DISHONESTY.... Great poem for me doc....Thanks for sharing this with us.. Sincerely, diane

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Saadat Tahir 05 September 2017

welcome diane... exasperated i wrote this poem... on another forum some one posted my poem with her name under it... and would not relent even when faced with evidence of its being posted years earlier under my name... thats how intractable people can your ire is perfectly understandable... best and tc sat

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Tirupathi Chandrupatla 29 August 2013

It is ironic - borrowed words get recognition and the original is simply forgotten. Let the original be recognized. Beautiful poem. Thank you.

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Yasmin Khan 20 August 2013

Plagiarism has been a stigma of literature but it was never easy as it is now in the age of web. Browse, cut, paste and here goes the ''creativity''. You have brought forth a very important issue using apt metaphors like 'quilt work' and 'hyena's den'. A conscience awakening write!

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saadat tahir

saadat tahir

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