Back Home Wife … 2905-2k13 Poem by saadat tahir

Back Home Wife … 2905-2k13

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Protected child of hamlets gone
In time she’s learned to colors don

Skipped pranced in nursery games
heard sinister hush of girlie shames

Parallel to humbug, opened eyes
Understood meaning of stifled sighs

sipped the gospel soaked up some
horror and tales of kingdom come

Along her path to heavier books
No pleasing breaks in shady nooks

A disquieting mix of rituals, skills
under lingering fret of utility bills

sometimes shook by fear of rakes
then again say whatever it takes

hate chance falter with a fake
silently in embers smolder bake

cast off walks in a mixed up park
no candlelit reprieve in a bedroom dark

her life is packed and of her choice
increasingly inside an echoing voice

asks harrowed heart, who am I?
want a family, but not on the sly!

ever struggling with feet in boats
split up thus we cross no moats

No respite in a borrowed life
But no fun in a back home wife

This poem is done as last, in a series of three, portraying three different lives of women.
A very popular series (soap opera like) published series in my home country is called...'teen aurten teen kahanian' (Urdu)
translation.... three women three stories
i have tried to be non judgmental and just portrayed what the minds eye sees.
There is no bias involved or preference, just a poetic rendering of what i see around me.
Yes.... my impressions.
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Back home wife … 2905-2k13

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29st May,2k13
Lasoaphia Quxazs 09 June 2013

Yes I see similar around me too, divorced 2x, but at least I found true happiness when I found respect and love to myself. Ourselves is the best company and then many good friend appears.

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Unwritten Soul 05 June 2013

WHat you write it not just for only a fun to do to you but something you feel that is part of your mind, to share and to do...definitely you are well known language and poetry expert...your readers know that...nah so what more can i say no? ? ? hmmm nothing hahaha_Soul

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Yasmin Khan 29 May 2013

The poem is a realistic depiction of women's life in certain milieu. some lines have deep meanings like'heard sinister hush of girlie shames'...A disquieting mix of rituals', the lines like this form a vivid picture in mind.The notes helped me to understand the all the three in the same backdrop. Very intricately all three may be one or different from another. I like and appreciate the unusual theme dealt with empathy.

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saadat tahir

saadat tahir

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