Beautiful Dream Poem by Nika McGuin

Beautiful Dream

Rating: 4.4

Apricity, like warm
fingers on a cold day
like yours in mine
chasing away the ghosts
of loneliness, still
to this day I can't say
that I know you
for you are the man
of my dreams, or rather
the man in my dreams

Last night I saw you
I dreamt up our romantic
encounter, how you discovered
me that fair day - ten years ago somewhere
in dreamland - our beautiful wedding
and our imaginary friends
my whole life with you really

Then at once, I woke up
but I wasn't disappointed
all along I knew
It was only a dream
a beautiful dream
of who you might be


Kayode Are 18 April 2017

Superb verse. We can really not shape what others do in our dream.

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Richard Wlodarski 18 April 2017

Nika, this is a poem of true beauty. Vivid imagery. Heart-felt emotion. And a stepping stone to achieving goals. John C. Lily, a pioneer in dolphin research, and the power of the mind, wrote a book about he had envisioned his wife in his dream state. Sure enough, he met her in real life. And they got married. Through the power of the dream state, and other naturally induced altered states of consciousness, all kinds of goals can be successfully accomplished. Thank you for writing this beautiful poem about your beautiful dream. It is truly worthy of Poem Of The Day. Congratulations!

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Bernard F. Asuncion 18 April 2017

Last night I saw you...... congrats on being chosen.....

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Edward Kofi Louis 18 April 2017

My whole life with you! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Daniel Brick 07 March 2014

This poem is what people have called a LUCID DRFEAM, that is, a dream you are aware of dreaming. Some people have been known to cultivate an ability to shape their lucid dreams, much like you shaped this poem. I like the tone of calm wonder you expressed in it. Just a confident expression of the future you want for yourself. Keats's narrative poem THE EVE OF ST. AGNES (a gorgeously composed work) tells a similar story. A young woman dreams of the man she loves, she wakes up and he's there in the flesh, he's come to rescue her and they elope. I summarized the plot because what makes it a great poem is Keats's beautiful language. Keats wrote, Into her dream he melted, as the rose Blendeth its odor with the violet - Solution sweet! It's amazing how closely your, poem resembles the essence of Keats's! You're in good company.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 21 July 2022

Appreciated the way this tiny romantic poem is composed. Top score! !

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Robert Murray Smith 28 April 2018

This is a wonderful poem. Pure magic.++++++++++10

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Dr Antony Theodore 05 September 2017

chasing away the ghosts of loneliness, our romantic encounter, It was only a dream a beautiful dream........may your beautiful dreams of romance come true in your life.. thank you very much dear poetess. tony

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Samuel Newton 17 August 2017

Beautiful dream is excellent.

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Ratnakar Mandlik 18 April 2017

Congrats on poem of the Day...........

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