...Before And Still... Poem by Lee Degnan

...Before And Still...

Rating: 5.0

If I faltered...
letting all that I hear,
fear, hold dear,
crash before me
before I realize
I could've saved it all...

If I altered...
all the could've beens,
should've beens, and when's
feigning innocence
before I realized
this was my biggest downfall...

If I'd catered...
to all my whims,
what I'd win, just to lie again,
manipulated it all for me
and not realize
I've backed myself up against the wall...

It never mattered...
because what I've learned,
not earned aside all the bridges I burned
in the process,
nothing I've ever done
got me what I idealized...

Your love, before and still, was never mine at all.

(November 11,2007)

Broken Peaces 12 November 2007

I had something going around my head on the same lines, I am jealous because I can't better that piece loved it Lee 20 out of 10 kind heart Chris x

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Rosemary Dupree 26 November 2007

So many emotions when into this wonderful poem, very strong write. Thank you for sharing. Rose

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Chuck Toll 19 November 2007

I enjoyed this a lot-strong, focused, direct. Very nicely done!

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David Harris 17 November 2007

Lee another masterly stroke of the pen for all to read. Beautiful and thanks for sharing this my friend. David

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Meggie Gultiano 16 November 2007

Beautiful..so nicely penned..another remarkable piece of yours, kapatid.. love, Meggie

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Jerry Hughes 12 November 2007

.......................................beautifully written - intent heartbreaking

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