@}~'\_. Sing It To Me, Patsy._/`~{@ Poem by Lee Degnan

@}~'\_. Sing It To Me, Patsy._/`~{@

Rating: 5.0

The piano opens
her favorite song...
the soothing, melodic notes
of a different era

yes, this is
the song of her
sorrow, her regret...

Patsy belting out
just how's she's feeling
and she's sitting there, crying
what in the world did she do?
he's not there
and her heart,
is breaking in two.

I sing the words
she knew so well
when she felt so sad,
those days she thought
she was alone, unwatched...

... and turn
to see my own daughter
watching the tears I cried,
listening to my mother's song,
regretting I didn't
appreciate her song sooner...
and missing her so much more.

Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 01 September 2007

Apples don't fall far from the tree...My bet is she always knew how you felt... My guarantee is that if she missed it here...she' knows it now & forever, after reading this fine emotion packed gem.....She knows...just like you know how your children feel, no matter what....Mom's just know....Excellent tributive, Mrs. Degnan ~ ~ ~

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Jerry Hughes 01 September 2007

Regret not, remember with love. Beautifully written Lee...

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Broken Peaces 02 September 2007

Lee my father passed awy several years ago we did not always see eye to eye, even now i wish for one miute just to tell him of my true feelings. Loved the poem gave my heart a prod 10 your friend Chris

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Duncan Wyllie 02 September 2007

Painfully beautiful, , , the structure and content are immencely well pieced together What a writer, , what a compassionate write Love duncan X

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Aurora Wells 02 September 2007

As I read this, I can close my eyes and see Mom sitting there, with tears in her eyes, listening quietly to Patsy.... I see it so clear and wish it was just from yesterday... miss her much hun... as you do... love ya!

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David Harris 01 October 2007

Lee this a beautiful poem that displays a mother's love and the sadness of realising through a sad song. Wonderfully written from the heart. Top marks and thanks for sharing it my friend. David

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Keith Wells 14 September 2007

Nicely done Lee. I understand completely......Love ya sis

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Alison Cassidy 12 September 2007

I don't believe any us truly appreciate our mother's love (beyond the ego-driven possessive need of it) until we have our own children. Then something changes - and we can shove her off the pedestal and let her deep inside our heart. A loving, honest piece that many readers will relate to and shed a tear for. love, Allie xxxx

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Ted Sheridan 10 September 2007

This is such a reminder to me, I just found my daughter and hugged her...She looked at me like I'm nuts...but so I am.. Thanks

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Untitiled and unnamed 10 September 2007

So what song was patsy singing, that seems to be the question, most people missed, although the write does speak for itself,10-10 again lee, Lee..x

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