**believe It Or Not...** Poem by Dislocated Heart

**believe It Or Not...**

Rating: 2.6

I've written this today.. last 5 mins of school, something rushed into mind.. my thoughts of her...

Maybe its the way you can somehow make me survive the toughest days.
Maybe its the way your words reach into my heart.
or Maybe its when you say the words that bring such delight to my life.
but you gotta know.. this is no promise,
its something I swear...
and I swear Its you thats keeping me going.. for the longest time.

Maybe it was your morning calls that made me smile till the end of the day.. do you remember?
Maybe it used to be your txt msgs that made me laugh in a slient room..
Or just maybe.. its your cute laughter or the way your say... 'MuHaHa'
Maybe it was all that.. that made me love you, even now..

To the one this is for... Please never forget that no matter what.. I'll always be there for you.. if I can.. to help, listen.. I'll do whatever it takes.. to bring a smile to your face. I'm always.. gonna be your friend.
whatever happens.. now, or in the future... I will always.. and forever love you.

I never used to believe in forever..but somehow you made me believe..
you made me believe in forever.. and in love.. when I wanted to give up..

You still mean the world to me.. if you believe it or not..

(I know I should've sent it to you... but.. I wouldnt kno what to say... lost for words I guess.....btw smile :)

Audrey Marie Kay 07 February 2009

This is so dreamy and love filled. I really like it =)

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Kite Remedy 01 February 2009

what a heartfelt poem, you've written what your heart tell you to. that makes your poem felt personal..

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Leslie Ching 01 February 2009

aw...this is so sweet...i hope she knows how you feel...10+

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Shilesha Johnson 26 January 2009

wow that was just beautiful. i loved that poem from start to finish. i could relate to it so well and im going through something like that and that's something i wish i could say. great job! !

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