Bewildered Soul Poem by Vaibhav Pandey

Bewildered Soul

Rating: 4.4

God, tell me, who am I
Am I your passionate child
or someone who is wicked and wild.
Am I the one with aim and mission
or someone with distorted vision.
Am I like a child who never cries
or like a man who never tries.
Am I the one with loads of ambition
or someone trapped, full of inhibition.
Am I the one with peaceful mind
or whose soul and peace is hard to find.

In all these years
Full of cheers and tears
A question that always appears
Who am I! Who am I!

Naseer Ahmed Nasir 19 January 2009

Keep on searching and discovering yourself and God will surely show you your identity and you will be able to refine your lingering soul............10

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Dr. Kolitha Lelwala 21 January 2009

Wonderful poem. Directing reader's mind to analyze 'who I am' I don't think the writer has 'bewildered soul' He is towards the right path. He recognizes the variabilty of human mind and the nature.... This is what we really mean mindfulness to go towards the destination. Wonderful piece of poetry. Worth millions, not merely

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John Smith 21 January 2009

Stunning peice of poetry, fully deserving of its ranking

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Greenwolfe 1962 21 January 2009

The consummate poem about the consummate question. I thought you placed the issue well. In the proper text. Masterful treatment. GW62

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Rani Turton 26 January 2009

Questions that are put most intelligently and poetically.

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Mandara Pookal 04 December 2009

This is one haunting question that follows each and everyone in this life. It is the mystery that leads to this exotic spirit of questioning that knows no answer. We have to satisfy ourselves by not thinking far beyond or far behind. mandara

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Ejaz Khan 09 November 2009

'Man, know thyself! ', implies that you have to do it on your own, God is not going to do the job of finding the answers to existential questions. But as a poem, you have accomplished a beautiful piece here, very smooth and terrific write! Thanks for sharing! An obvious ten.

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Nikunj Sharma 16 July 2009

Glad that someone askd this question. Read my 2 poems Can I and Can I be a poet too

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Bob Blackwell 09 July 2009

Vaibhav, you write very well, who am I is a question many of us ponder over, you might have to fly high to find the answer. Keep writing so I can enjoy. Bob Blackwell

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Shashendra Amalshan 03 June 2009

that is the question I always ask Vaibhav...we have lost our identity....who are? ...what are we suppose to is a journey full of questions i guess..and i never know when i can find answers to them....nice write... thanks for this one 10++

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