Don'T Give Up Poem by Vaibhav Pandey

Don'T Give Up

Rating: 4.3

When nothing is going your way,
and the pessimism holds sway.
Don't Give Up.

When your eyes are filled with tears,
sorrowfullness is all which appears,
Don't Give Up.

When, in chilly winters, you perspire
With resenting thoughts and constant ire
Don't Give Up.

When surrounded by people with a look askance
and nobody is willing to give you a chance
Don't Give Up.

Because amidst the darkness of night
comes a new sun that shines so bright
and embracing you with its blessed light.

So don't,
Don't Give Up

Naseer Ahmed Nasir 22 January 2009

A poem with a clear message of hope and positiveness.

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 09 December 2008

that was really encouraging thanks pal

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Bob Blackwell 09 December 2008

Great words, excellent philosophy. Bob

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Ron Flowers 09 December 2008

Well done. A winning attitude told in a well eritten poem. regards Ron

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Ivor Hogg 10 December 2008

Persistence pays off you can make dreams come true

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Gold Fish 16 October 2009

There is much resounding truth in this poem. Persevere in the face of failure, darkness and discouragement for when the storm has ended the lessons learned will make the brighest day seem even brighter. Fundamental. It's hard to see amidst the struggle, but retrospectively it's crystal clear in vivid detail. Thanks for sharing.10+

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Nikunj Sharma 14 July 2009

After every dark night there's a morning bright so dont worry, if the corner's tight if only you dont give up shall u find much needed respite

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tara star 21 April 2009 encourgin poem, , , true we should never giveup no matter how hard life is...nodoubt its a universal msg. thnx 4 sharing..

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anurag duggal 08 March 2009

nice poem vaibhav motivating us to fight on forever and never giveup :))

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Dee Daffodil 26 January 2009

This is very inspirational. Nice writing! hugs, Dee

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